Bold and gregarious, you aren’t afraid of an adventure — in fact, you’re usually actively seeking one! As an Aries, a home with an open floor plan is perfect for you, and you’ll also thrive in a home where you have plenty of outdoor space for sports, games, and fun. A log cabin near a national park or other vacation destination sounds just about right, but at the very least you need an exciting and stimulating view.


The laid-back and down-to-earth Taurus loves nothing more than relaxing and spending time with loved ones. Due to your dependable nature, Taurus, a California ranch home will fit your needs, particularly if there’s ample green space or a wooded backyard. You also need to be surrounded by luxurious textiles with incredible tactile feels. You also need a well laid out, ample kitchen space for preparing delicious meals and entertaining friends when you feel like showing your culinary love to friends and family. A California ranch style with great indoor/outdoor space where one can access the outdoors without much effort would be a great fit for you.


The social butterfly of the zodiac, Geminis love to infuse their living spaces with personality. Outgoing and adaptable, you can live almost anywhere and find a way to make it feel like yours. You may want to try a townhome in a favorite city, especially one with lots of fun people to meet and exciting conversation with strangers a short distance from your front door! You also may want to consider having two properties - one for each twin. Geminis often own two of things and so why not have that extend to properties as well!


Loving and caring Cancer adores spaces where they get that fuzzy “welcome home” feeling. Check out a cozy cottage in a relaxed, sunny location that you can fill with favorite candles, soft pillows, and comfy furniture, and you’ll be right at home! Fill the space with lots of photos of loved ones and where you can nurture the sensitive nature of your soul. A soaking tub in your cottage would be a great healing space for you to recharge in your water element.


Leo, you’re the royalty of the zodiac, and you know it! You’re probably looking for something luxurious, glittering, and palatial — anything to get your neighbors talking. A glamorous Hollywood mansion, with its ornate high end vintage decor, could be just your style. Anything luxe that would be a great backdrop for a fantastic selfie and the occasional lifestyle blog would be a fantastic fit for you.


Organized and methodical, a Virgo homeowner will thrive in a space that’s eye-pleasing and designed for efficiency. A cozy yet practical Craftsman or Mid-Century could be the perfect solution! These symmetrical homes will set you truly at ease, Virgo, and as if that’s not great enough, the houses typically require minimal upkeep.


Versatile and fair, you also have an elegantly romantic streak, Libra — but not so much that you’d need an ostentatious home. Try a Spanish with timeless detailing, perfect for entertaining your beautiful friends! Something with romantic, visual texture like a Santa Barbara or Montecito style Spanish estate could be just what makes you feel like your perfect fit.


The dark horse of the zodiac, moody and mysterious Scorpio will want to hide away somewhere off the beaten path. A gorgeous Victorian home would be a great fit, especially tucked away in a peaceful, wooded location. While the home may look intimidating from the outside, your friends and family will soon get to know and love the warm interior behind closed doors.


No-nonsense Sagittarius is known for blazing their own trails, hitting the road at a moment’s notice for their next big adventure. Because of their penchant for travel, they won’t want to be burdened — a smaller home with minimalist comforts could work just fine for this fiery go-getter.


Hardworking and career-minded, you aren’t afraid of a fast-paced life, Capricorn. You want to be around the great new restaurants and nightlife, meeting exciting new people. A luxurious city condo is an excellent way to live right in the action — and not too far from the office, of course. 


Quirky Aquarius isn’t known for doing anything in a conventional manner, and that includes home buying. The water bearer is drawn to sleek homes built with sustainable materials and incorporating plenty of glass windows — an architectural home is just offbeat enough to fit an Aquarian’s unique needs.


The dreamy and romantic Pisces loves beautiful locations where they can get in touch with their emotions and create great art, and where better to do this than a beach house? Settle into your waterfront home, gaze out at the stunning views and fill it with colorful decor to brighten up your day.

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