The Lunar Nodes - the mathematical orbital points in the sky - point to an exciting 2022 for Los Angeles real estate. All eclipses in 2022 will move out of the air and fire signs of Gemini and Sagittarius to earth and water signs of Taurus and Scorpio, bringing a heightened emphasis on safety, security, and values. Jupiter, the planet of wealth and abundance, will continue to spend most of its time in 2022 in the water sign of Pisces. 

Because of their mutable synchronicities, there will be even more luck spread throughout the forecast in 2022 — opening up more opportunities for successful real estate transactions for both buyers and sellers. A time that supports reflection and enlightenment, this will be an ideal year to accept fresh changes in life, leading to an increase of home inventory with more people making life-changing decisions like relocating, downsizing, or purchasing “the dream home.” 

From May through October, Jupiter the planet of expansion, prosperity and good fortune will spend time in the fire sign of Aries, a traditionally self-driven, adventurous, and challenge-focused sign. This will be conducive for a competitive time in the market, though likely not as intense as 2021. This period will be an excellent time to be courageous and confident when deciding to buy or sell by respectfully asserting your wants and needs in the process. Aries in Jupiter certainly supports being bold in your investment strategies.

There will be several retrogrades in 2022, the rare occurrence when planets appear to shift backward, which are said to shake up the “normal flow” of the year. While popular culture has cast retrogrades in a negative light, our current retrograde - Venus retrograding into Capricorn - promises a potentially strong start to the market as 2021 wraps up and 2022 begins. Early in the new year will be a great time to commit to a new challenge or decision when formulating one’s real estate plan for 2022. 

Economists predict mortgage rates to climb later in 2022, so before buying or selling, take into consideration the upcoming universal shifts and changes from the Lunar Nodes to Gemini and Sagittarius. Is it the best time for you to list a property? Are you looking for something new, maybe in a different location that will fuel your creative urges and challenge your self-development? The year 2022 will be an excellent one for big changes! 

The end of 2021 saw a major decrease in available properties in Los Angeles. With a high demand coupled with low inventory, we predict 2022 will be a continued seller’s market in luxury real estate. Considering astrological predictions for the year encouraging self-awareness, compassion, and introspection, the Los Angeles market could see an increasing demand for properties well suited for a more thoughtful lifestyle, like homes with larger yards and patios or more space to garden and enjoy nature. 

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Reference the 2022 Moon and Mercury Calendar for more insight into real estate in 2022. 


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