There’s a lot of trinkets and treasures that make a house appealing, but nothing makes a house a home quite like plants. Not only are these green friends pleasant and beautiful, but they also act as natural air purifiers and nurture a calm, rejuvenating environment. To string the incredible benefits of plants throughout your entire home and never be without their attractive aid, here is a round-up of our favorite houseplants to put in each room. 

English Ivy In The Bathroom

English Ivy does wonders for the bathroom because of its moisture-loving qualities. Let the pretty plant soak up your shower mist all while clearing the air of benzene, which is airborne fecal matter. It also rids formaldehyde, which can sometimes come from shower curtains or mats. If you have a window to bask your plant in bright light, that’s perfect! Your ivy will be right at home. Just don’t let your dog or cat get to it — it’s not meant to be eaten!

Peace Lily In The Living Room

The peace lily is a popular pick for the living room because of its gorgeous glossy green leaves and easy maintenance. It adapts well to low-light situations, which means it loves dim, candle-lit movie nights just as much as you do. On the flip side, the flowery part of the plant will basically bloom nonstop if given more light — which only leaves even more beauty to behold.

Herbs In The Kitchen

Why not have a plant in the kitchen that’s fabulous and functional? With herbs like basil, parsley, chives, oregano, and rosemary, you can enjoy the view and get cooking all in one spot!
They require little maintenance, and most can be enjoyed indoors year-round. If you have a sunny window, that’s a bonus.

Aloe Vera In The Bedroom

For the bedroom, it’s aloe vera. Unique and unlike most plants, aloe releases oxygen while also absorbing carbon dioxide and being totally low-maintenance. It’s also shown to clear the air of benzene and formaldehyde. Even better? Inside the leaves is a gooey natural gel, which makes for an excellent moisturizer.

Lavender In The Office

A study in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that houseplants in the office can prevent fatigue and improve attention span. That’s why a lavender plant is ideal. The scent of lavender is known for providing calm and serenity, so why not go into your workday with a peaceful mindset? For indoors, French lavender is your best bet to feel relaxed and ready to go.

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