Hot tubs are among the most popular backyard amenities for Malibu luxury real estate. Throughout California, hot tubs pair especially well with swimming pools, outdoor entertainment space, and backyard beachfront. Malibu luxury homes with large deck spaces can elevate the soaking experience above a backyard view, and make it faster and more convenient to get into the tub from inside the home.

And while hot tubs aren’t particularly eco-friendly overall, soaking tubs are a stylish way to make soaking more water-efficient, and reduce the amount of chemicals necessary (which when disposed of incorrectly can lead to environmental degradation).

Below are some tips to improve the backyard atmosphere of your Malibu real estate, while also keeping your soaking experiences ecologically safe!

1. Get a wood hot tub 

Classic wood tubs hold a special, stylish appeal. They’re most commonly seen in saunas around the world but have recently caught on with luxury home designers as a rustic alternative to traditional jet tubs. Wood hot tubs are more sustainable from a production standpoint as they use far less plastic, and can be designed to heat with fire, electricity or gas.

2. Go chemical-free

While jetted hot tubs tend to use sanitizer and chemicals to keep soaking water in good condition, it may not be necessary for your hot tub. All the chemicals do is keep the water conditioned for a longer amount of time. Without chemicals, the water in the hot tub should be refilled once a week.
Instead of using chemicals like chlorine and bromine to clean the water, you can use a new filter ozone and magnetization filter to purify the water. They work similarly to the swimming pool filters, removing dirt particles that would otherwise settle on the hot tub floor. If you don’t use a filter system, the hot tub must be fully drained and the dirt swept and collected manually. This is time-consuming, so if you are going the more eco-friendly route of not using sanitization or chemicals in the water, check out one of these new technology filter systems.

3. Make sure to keep your hot tub covered when it is not in use

One mistake many people make is keeping their hot tub uncovered overnight. Keeping the cover over your hot tub overnight helps conserve energy, and lowers the rate at which you’ll dirty the water in your tub. Since you may not be using chemicals to help purify the water, there is more of a risk of the water becoming home to algae if not covered and protected when not in use.

4. Conserve water

If you don’t use chemically-treated water, you can use the water that needs to be replaced from the hot tub for other things. Instead of throwing the water away, recycle it. If there are no chemicals used in the water, it can be used for other purposes such as watering the garden or washing your deck or terrace. The system of re-using water for irrigation purposes is commonly referred to as a “gray-water system.”

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