If you’re considering zero-waste living but aren’t certain how to start, there are a multitude of small steps you can take to begin your journey. Here is your beginner’s guide to zero-waste living in Los Angeles. 

Incorporate Zero-Waste Alternatives Over Time

Rather than doing a complete overhaul of your personal inventory, try purchasing zero-waste alternatives to items you already own as they run out. Items like razors can be swapped for stainless steel blades that are free of plastic, swap out the plastic straws with metal ones, and consider package-free shampoo or toothpaste from companies like LUSH and Bite

Cook at Home

If you’re used to ordering in, you’ve likely noticed the bulky takeout containers, which can create large amounts of waste per customer. Instead, choose to cook at home and save the waste. This includes to-go coffee mugs, too, so skip the one-use paper cups and opt to make a cup of coffee at home. When you’re at the store, buy your veggies in bulk or bring your own bags rather than using individual plastic produce bags. 

Reduce Your Consumption

One surefire tactic to limit your waste production is to curb your buying habits. The fewer products you buy, the less waste you can create. Before you purchase something, consider how it will be used, how long it will last, and whether or not you can reuse or recycle it. 

Reuse Your Belongings

Don’t feel guilty for your previous purchases—everyone leading a zero-waste lifestyle has had to start somewhere. Instead, look for new ways to utilize these pieces. If you can’t, recycle what you can and compost anything else. Donating good-condition clothing and furniture is an excellent way to give back to the community without adding to the waste production. 

Begin Composting at Home

Home composting is an excellent way to reduce the number of organic materials you’re sending to the landfill. Diverting organics from the garbage allows them to be naturally decomposed and re-enter the ecosystem. So, how do you start? Collect all of your food scraps—think fruits and vegetables, coffee grounds, eggshells, and tea bags. Steer clear from meat products or dairy since they are more likely to attract unwelcome pests. Then, create an indoor or outdoor space for composting that will allow the materials to break down.  

If you’ve been on the fence about moving toward a zero-waste lifestyle, there’s no better time to start than now. Every small choice adds up. If you’d like to learn more about Malibu luxury real estate or Calabasas homes for sale, don’t hesitate to contact me today for more information. 


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