It’s been proven time and time again that one of the best ways to get potential buyers excited in your home is to get your kitchen looking fabulous. There are several reasons why this might be the case—read on to learn more about how remodeling your kitchen prior to selling can seriously increase your return on investment!

The Kitchen is a Gathering Place

Whether your potential buyer loves to whip up gourmet meals, serve wine and cheese to entertain friends, or set their kids up with snacks so they can do their homework around the counter, the kitchen is almost always going to be the home’s gathering place. This is often where families will meet to chat about their days, or loved ones will collaborate on delicious holiday meals. After some simple upgrades and touch-ups, you can get your kitchen feeling like the place everyone wants to be!

Space is key—no one wants to be tripping over kids or pets while preparing a hot meal—so make sure there’s room for multiple people to move around in the kitchen. Center islands can help alleviate this issue, so if you don’t already have one, this could be something to add during a remodel. If new countertops are in your budget, this is another great update to look into. Granite surfaces are fantastic because they can withstand high heat, allowing you to set cooked items right on the counter without having to fumble for an oven mitt or mat. Quartz is a great option too and super durable and stain resistant. Natural stone counters, like marble, can be more effort to maintain looking their best, but are worth the investment if your lifestyle allows for a more delicate and stylish surface that delivers an aesthetic wow-factor. 

Cater to Buyers Who Love to Cook

While cooking is a fun pastime for many of us, plenty of people picked up the hobby or honed their skills while stuck at home during 2020. Incorporate some upgrades like double ovens, wine coolers, lots of extra cabinet space, or a prep sink on the center island, and your potential buyers will be envisioning themselves cooking meals that will be the talk of the town!

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Decorative

Minimalism is key when staging and upgrading a kitchen, but you can still add in some upgrades that make the space look fantastic. Let in as much natural light as possible; during your remodel, consider adding windows or upgrading some existing ones to make sure the room is completely well-lit. Sometimes a skylight or solar tube can make a huge difference. Add a neutral but eye-pleasing tile backsplash to make the space look attractive and bright!


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