Every choice we make has a consequence, and making thoughtful choices regarding our energy consumption and waste production can help improve our communities. If you’ve ever considered living a more sustainable lifestyle but aren’t sure how to start this journey while living in the city, here are a few tips on getting started. 

Start Composting

Composting is the process of breaking down organic materials and can be done at home to divert these items from landfills. You can join a community composting project such as LA Compost or begin composting at home.

Walk When Possible

Many neighborhoods in the Los Angeles metropolitan area are walkable, and incorporating walking into your transportation options can help cut down on excessive vehicular emissions. According to your abilities, walking to locations that are between one and two miles from your home base can help alleviate congestion in your area, and it’s an excellent way to stay active! 

Eat at Locally-Sourced Restaurants

While it’s important to be conscientious about how we source the ingredients for home cooking, it’s equally as beneficial to support local restaurants that craft menus using regionally-sourced foods. This supports area farmers and ensures fresh, seasonal ingredients for every dish. Restaurants such as Culver City’s Sage Bistro and Silver Lake’s Botanica make thoughtful efforts to prioritize local ingredients. 

Buy Second-Hand and Shop Locally

Consigning everything from furniture to apparel is an excellent way to lower your contributions to wasteful consumption. Fast fashion often uses harmful tactics to create lower-quality pieces, while purchasing vintage clothing or ethically-made items is a step toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Reformation sources their stunning fabrics ethically and often repurposes fabric from deadstock or utilizes Tencel®, a fabric made from renewable plant materials. Additionally, shopping at local flea markets, such as the Melrose Trading Post and the Rose Bowl Flea Market, is often an incredible way to connect with local artisans and support regional businesses. 

Hang Up the Line 

Because of Southern California’s arid, sunny weather, hanging your laundry up to dry is an excellent way to cut down on electricity usage. Depending on how often you run your dryer, this could potentially cut down on hours of electricity consumption per week.

Sustainable practices are simple to incorporate into your everyday routine to work toward a more ecologically-friendly lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning more about Malibu luxury real estate or Calabasas luxury homes, contact Nina Kurtz today for more information.



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