There are dozens of reasons why eating organic is a healthy option for you and your family. For starters, organic produce is free of chemicals like herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides, and it can help you live a longer, healthier life. But switching to shopping organic does require a learning curve to know the right things to buy and where. The following guide offers some helpful tips for shopping organic in Los Angeles.

5. Shop at Farmers’ Markets

Los Angeles is notorious for having dozens of farmers’ markets set up all over the city on any given day. The best way to shop for organic produce is to go straight to the growers. Many of these markets are 100% growers-only and attended by farmers and local producers.

Their wares often go straight from the ground to sell within a day—nothing but the freshest produce sold for their customers! You can also find various other items like artisanal nuts, grass-fed meats, local seafood, baked goods, and more.

4. Do Your Research

While farmers’ markets are an excellent way to buy organic, you’ll want to ensure they genuinely sell organic produce. It’s rare, but there have been incidents of fake organic food being sold. The best way to ensure you’re getting what you’re looking for is to check out their website and research the individual vendors online. The same can be said for supermarkets. Some are great for buying organic produce, while others aren’t known for selling the freshest produce.

3. Check Your Labels

Just because something is labeled “organic” doesn’t mean it is organic, unfortunately. There are some tricky ways farmers can navigate the USDA rules about what is and isn’t organic that still involve using toxins that could be potentially harmful. There are plenty of resources online from sources like the AARP and Consumer Reports that can help you learn what to look for when checking labels.  

2. Shop for In-Season Produce

The best way to ensure you get the freshest produce for a reasonable price is to shop in season whenever possible. If you buy strawberries in the spring, they’ll be much cheaper per pound than if you were looking for them in the winter months. Sometimes a recipe might call for produce that isn’t in season. Consider swapping it out with something that is, and you might be surprised by the delicious new combination!

1. Buy in Bulk

It’s good to buy in bulk when you can to save money and stock up all at once so you won’t have to make as many trips to the market. Are you concerned that you’ll buy more than you or your family can eat? Learn how to preserve your produce!

Many fruits and vegetables can be sliced and prepared ahead of time and then frozen until you’re ready to use them. You could also consider learning how to can your food, such as tomatoes, and apple sauce, to prolong your groceries’ shelf-life. The internet is a great resource to teach you all the ins and outs of food preservation.  

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