Landscaping your lawn has far more benefits than simply adding curb appeal and beauty to your outdoor space. Depending on what features you add to your exterior, you can partake in environmental preservation, conserve natural resources, prevent erosion, and promote a higher quality of living. The following are four ideas to start landscaping your Malibu home.

Outdoor Lighting

Installing exterior lighting is a great way to highlight any outdoor area and draw attention to new styles or landscaping updates. Before you start designing your lighting layout, carefully consider which objects or areas you want to light, select the best lighting technique, and choose the appropriate fixtures to achieve your desired effect. Some of the best ways to enhance outdoor features are by lighting pathways and gardens or playing with shadows and silhouettes to enhance your yard in the evenings. 

Create a Sustainable Garden

Consider creating a sustainable garden in your yard. They're beautiful and eco-friendly! Plan a variety of shrubs, flowers, or even trees to create shade and prevent erosion. Conserve water by using rain barrels or use compost to fertilize your plants. 

◾ Butterfly gardening is a fantastic way to maintain a habitat for butterflies and moths.
◾ Aquatic gardens are a type of water feature that can add an architectural element to the landscape or propagate aquatic plants.
◾ Medicinal gardens can serve your general health maintenance by growing various herbs.

Add a Water Feature

A landscape water feature boosts curb appeal, attracts wildlife, reduces noise pollution, and—for those who love the sound of running water—can be incredibly soothing and even meditative. The best part about water features is that there is such a wide variety. You can install something more elaborate like a fountain, lake, or pond, or something smaller and less maintenance-heavy like a small decoration or tabletop feature.  

Enhance Your Space with Art

You might be surprised how much one significant outdoor sculpture can add color, movement, and dimension to an exterior space. You don't necessarily need an entire sculpture garden to enhance visual interest in your space. Consider the layout of your yard, garden, plants, and other elements. A sculpture can break up the monotony, draw the eye to a specific spot, or promote a sense of imagination and contemplation depending on what type of art most appeals to you.

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