Manifesting will help you visualize and focus on what you truly want. The first step to effective manifesting is to have an image in mind of what you want. Take the time to figure out what you want your dream home to look like from top to bottom. Go into extreme detail, remember you are manifesting this house into reality, so really go for it! What color is it, how many floors, is it modern, what does the landscape look like? Don’t just focus on the outside; the inside is also important. How many rooms are there, is it open concept, what do the kitchen and bathroom look like, what about the closets? The clearer you can make this idea of home, the easier it will become to manifest it. I also want to mention the importance of getting clarity about how you will be feeling while in your new space. Do you want it to support your creativity, support a relationship, be a solitary sanctuary or an entertaining hub with guests always over, and how will the design of that space make you feel? How do you want to feel in that space? Really think about those feelings you want to create in your life because the emotional landscape you paint will be a powerful tool in manifesting your dream home space.

Utilize Pinterest

Pinterest is an amazing tool to gain inspiration and hone your vision with imagery and aspirational examples. Start a private board titled “New Home” and then go to work putting different components onto your board. You can use their search option to narrow down categories. If you know you want an open concept home, look up some photos of what you want to create and notice yourself having any emotional reactions to the imagery you find. If you find an image that moves you, elicits a positive emotional reaction or makes you feel excited, pin it to your board. You can also use this website to find inspiration for specific details like the perfect tub, refrigerator, decor, and furniture. Fill up your board as much as you want; remember you always have the option to delete it later. 

Make a Goal List

Figure out what your goals are to be able to get the house of your dreams this year and then work towards ticking them off. Is it saving up a certain amount of money, getting a new job, paying off debt, or investing your money? Be realistic in what you need to be able to achieve what you want and then find ways to implement that. You don’t need to accomplish it all in one day, but you can take smaller steps each day that move the needle forward towards your larger goal, and by the end of the year you will aggregate so much momentum by doing a little bit at a time. It may seem unfamiliar or out of your comfort zone at first, but the more you focus and visualize the beautiful home you would like to manifest - the more you are immersed in the emotional wavelength of the space you want to create - the closer you will become to successfully manifesting your dream. The practical steps you take towards your goal list will help you to obtain your dream. It may feel like magic, and it is magic for sure, but when supported by practical steps that take you towards your vision, it’s not a matter of if it will happen, but of when it will happen.

A side note on manifesting, I know it’s hard to dismiss the socio-economic inequities that make it so that people of privilege are able to create their vision seemingly a lot more easily because of having access to more resources, having access to generational wealth and our shared living experiences in a system that seems to support the rich to get richer, but the good news is that manifesting your dream home is not something that is reserved for only the economically elite and is something that can be done within a wide range of budgets and socio-economic situations. We all, no matter our circumstances, can take time to visualize what we would like to create for ourselves in our home spaces, and implement the steps that are within our capacity to create them into being. Circumstances change, and access to resources varies significantly, but we all have the power to have our dreams for our lives and we all have the ability to endeavor to manifest our home dreams.

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Reference the 2022 Moon and Mercury calendar to optimize your intentions.  


Manifest Your Dream Home

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